Excursions & Activities

Gythio has the advantage of being in between historical and touristic sights of Laconia and is the perfect base for you to explore them all.

Mani with Caves of Diros

From Gythio you can visit a lot of interesting places. First of all the area of Mani. Like the greek writer Mirivilis said, Mani is a miniature of Greece, special and striking, with such a strong character which does not resemble any other greek place. The route introduces a wild beauty. Rocky landscape, sea entering the land hewing impressive headlands, imposing villages with stone-tower houses. Especially the village Vathia, which had most of its towers restored, is a monument of architecture from Mani.


6km away from Sparta there is the castle-town of Mystras, with its imposing walls, the palace of its rulers, the Palaiologos family, the houses, the byzantine churches and the castle at the top. The town is built on the hillside of Taigetos, it reaches an altitude of 621 m and is a great natural fortress which has been used to protect a river leading to unapproachable refuge camps where lawless slavic tribes used to live, they were known as "Miliggi".


From a stripe of land, approximately 400 metres, which connects the Laconian coast with the mainland and a thousand metres coast route you reach the legendary Castle of Monemvasia. It's all yours to explore! On the spot of today's bridge there used to be a movable bridge for defending purposes.

Elafonisos Island

Elafonisos island is on the southeastern corner of Peloponese with an area of 19 square kilometres and 570 metres away from the opposite Peloponisian coast named "Pounta" which with 3 more square kilometres in Laconia they are known as the community of Elafonisos.

Kythira Island

Kithira, a very beautiful island, located 2.5 hours away from Gythio and is worth a visit. There is weekly itinerary from Gythio to Kythira.

Passavas Castle

In the castle of Passava, at a distance of 10 km on the road from Gythio to Areopolis, the remains of an important frankish castle are hosted. Built in 1254 by the Franks to control the eastern entrance of Mani, on a steep hill 160m tall where the Acropolis of the ancient Mycenean city "Las" used to be. The castle is 180 m tall and 90m wide.

The Historical Geraki

The historical village of Geraki is populated continuously since the prehistorical times. It is famous for its wordwide awarded artisan knittings. You can visit the Acropolis, the medieval castle, study the architecture of its 30 byzantine temples and the rare wall paintings.

Monasteries & Villages

In the area of Gythio there are also some impressive monasteries, like the monastery of Zerbitsa, the monastery of Faneromeni, and the monastery of Giatrissa among others.


There are several hiking routes around Gythio that will help you discover the rich in history, natural beauty and untouched area of Laconian Mani.

Scuba Diving

Gythio offers a variety of underwater activities, whether you are an amateur scuba diver or an experienced one. Contact the hotel and we will arange for you the activity you desire.

Water Sports

Organized water sports such as jet ski, kanoe, windsurfing, rigo and others, you will find them all at the beach of Vathi.

Horseback Riding

At Vathi, a few kilometres out of Gythio there is a horseback riding club where you can learn how to ride, after you contact with the hotel.

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